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Installation - general considerations

To install Fiori Tracker Business products please follow the installations guides that are in the Installation section of each product page.

We designed each Fiori Tracker Business product to work independently. Once you install the product and any dependent products are needed, it will guide the user to install those.


Release 2020 FPS01 is not downward compatible with previous releases. It should not be installed on top of older releases. If you have used previous releases and would like to move to release 2020 FPS01 then you need to move your data manually. If you need help with moving you data please contact our project manager for an offer (


The list should be read as (for example): Catalog Import release SPS02 requires "As-is" in release SPS02.

Main product Main prod. release Uses product Compatible release
Catalog Import SPS02 As-is SPS02
Core SPS03, SPS02, FPS01